Bilingual Poems for Digital Display

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“Poems for…the wall” means poems displayed freely in public in all sort of different ways and sizes.

Here is a way which we are piloting in a school library in Bristol. Plasma display screens are more and more common in public venues. If you have one, or some, on your premises – in your school, or library, or healthcare reception area – you can display this small rotation of bilingual poems on them. They are set out on Powerpoint and you can arrange the timings as you see fit. I would recommend a good 30 seconds a poem before the rotation moves on.

I have formatted the shortest bilingual poems we have, so that the text is as large – and hence as easy to read – as possible. The languages are : Hungarian, Palestinian Arabic, Hindi, Austrian German, Igbo, Mandarin, Slovenian. Each is accompanied by its English translation.

Please note that copyright permission was given free of charge in each case – on condition that our formatting includes acknowledgements of publisher and author, and the poem is displayed free of charge and in a public venue of the kind mentioned above.