Obtaining the poem-posters in hard copy

In the early days of this project, all the poems were printed commercially and delivered by surface mail or by car. Now people obtain all the poems by downloading/printing them from the site and demand for hard-copy versions have died away.

But I remain willing and in fact would be pleased to send you packs of the 200+ poems available in hard copy, if you ask. I would print them out onto card and send them through the mail. Although the poems themselves come free of charge, I would have to charge you expenses, ie printing, cartridge and postage, plus £30.00 for my time.

If you download the poems from the site, you will find the pdf’s have been saved at a high resolution of reproduction. This gives you the option of enlarging the posters quite considerably, without losing print definition. At A1 and AO sizes, they look – if anything – even better than their original size. You can then mount them, as full-sized posters. Alternatively, you could put them up on digital display screens in Reception.

For further discussion on how to display the poems, or for any other matter relating to the project, please contact Rogan Wolf using the form below.

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