New Collection – Poems for Rising Ten

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This project's latest collection was launched in October 2022. "Poems for Rising Ten" is for children approaching the end of their time in primary school. There are 25 poems in all, each one accompanied by art work. In most cases, the images are not  literal illustrations as such. I think they offer something richer than illustration, carrying or suggesting the spirit of the words, rather than prescribing shapes for them. They are by Rachel Stevens who has given her work free to this project. The poems have been uploaded here on this website. As with all the other poems we reproduce, they are available free of charge. To access the new poems for viewing and/or downloading, you'll need to register with us. For that, see the horizontal menu along the…
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“Modern Poetry in Translation” and “The Reader”

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"Poems for the wall" has began some collaborative work with two organisations : "Modern Poetry in Translation" and "The Reader." On the face of it, these organisations, or projects, are quite different. But they have in common a belief in, and a commitment to, honest words of high quality and integrity, true witness, in whatever language and whatever form ; and to a need for those words to reach out to people far and wide and find them where they are. It is unclear, as yet, quite where this exploratory work will go. So far, it has brought the material available on this site to the attention of the large numbers of people in The Reader's "constituency" ; and has resulted in an agreement with Clare Pollard of MPT that…
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Poems Displayed on Plasma Screens

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The plasma display screen is now common in all kinds of public settings, including schools, libraries and healthcare waiting rooms. So here is yet another form of screen for the eye to rest on, when already there are so many. And is "resting" the right word ? The screens' contents tend not be passive. Many reach out and seek to arrest the eye, both for good and for ill. They have the power to penetrate minds. For ill and for good. Recently, I was sitting in a village surgery waiting room and the large display screen there showed a succession and range, not just of health notices, but also of local resources, opportunities, activities, things supportive of health and humanity in individuals and community. It was full of real interest,…
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Poems for…the wall in Bristol, Summer 2018

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When "Poems for... the wall" was piloted in London twenty years ago, it was a local affair. Some small poem-posters were put up in NHS waiting rooms in Hammersmith and Kensington. However, as the project became quickly better known and demand spread, it lost contact with an immediate locality. The poems went out far and wide, around the UK and then beyond, first by post and later digitally, downloaded from this website. In those circumstances, the co-ordinator's bike tended to stay at home and I knew rather little of what actually happened to the poems, once they arrived at their destination. But now I'm in Bristol and the bike is out again. Earlier this hot Summer of 2018, two local schools exhibited poems from the "Self at Sea" collection as…
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“Poems for the wall” breaks surface in the south west

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A very good international magazine called "Resurgence," based in Devon, did a feature on the project in August this year. Click here for the online version. And during November, an exhibition of the project's bilingual poems went up in a busy public setting run by Bristol University. The poems make a strong public statement of mutual tolerance. Tolerance ? More than tolerance. They celebrate our difference, richly. They glory in it. They make poetry of it. Over the next few months, we shall be exploring further ways of displaying these poems in Bristol settings, run both by the university and the City Council. "Poems for the wall" has begun working with the Bristol Poetry Institute, based in Bristol University. See their website here.
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Six Developments for Summer 2017

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Our new title - Poems for...the wall. It makes clearer the fact that we supply poems for public space. It doesn't affect the titles of our collections. This new website - It is almost finished now. It is striking to look at ; it is technically up to the mark ; it is simple to use. Thanks Joe. Our "three main collections" have now become five. The two new ones are "Poems for...self at sea" (on mental ill-health) ; and "Poems for...bridges to learning disability" (on learning disability). You will find them on this site in the "Poem Collections" menu. A new base in Bristol - we can now be found on the website of the Bristol Poetry Institute. Find us here : Some new publicity - a good feature on Poems for...the…
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Poems for…Bridges to Anatolia

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"Poems for...Bridges to Anatolia" is based largely - though not entirely - on the translation work over the years of the Turkish poet Mevlut Ceylan. Ceylan lived in London for many years and under the title "Core Publications" produced a significant number of booklets that feature and celebrate Turkish poetry. Each is translated into English, the vast majority by Ceylan himself. Some are anthologies, following a theme. Others feature the work of individual Turkish authors. Ceylan's quiet and patient work opens the life of one culture to another and in doing so reveals the distinctness of each but also and more importantly their common humanity. He has built and opened a bridge. The selection offered here took over two years to put together and consists of over twenty poems. It…
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“Please Take a Seat – you’ll be seen shortly”

Poems for...the waiting room
In 1999, the poet David Hart was asked by the Arts Council to commission 50 short poems about waiting, as part of the “Poems for…” collection. The fifty poets included well-known poets such as Andrew Motion the Poet Laureate and Carol Ann Duffy – as well as poets still largely unknown outside their own circles. The poems were then printed as small posters and displayed in healthcare waiting rooms all around the country. These days they are also being displayed in schools and libraries and can be downloaded from this site. David has now written about that experience of eight years ago, and you can read his reflections here.
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