After One Year’s Work – Update on who downloads from the site

We now know how many of you registered (over 500) , what you wanted to use the poems for (mostly for use in schools) and where you’re located (about 400 from all over the UK and about 100 from everywhere else in the world).

The exercise included collating the email addresses – so that in future we can notify you of new collections becoming available.

As far as I am concerned, the UK registrations has been a major geography lesson ; I have been introduced to many UK towns and localities that I’ve never heard of before.

Of the 101 registrations from non-UK locations, most of them came for the USA – a total of 32, a significant proportion of them from teachers working in the Deep South. The remainder came from simply everywhere – South America, India, the Middle East, South Korea, Africa, Europe, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand…

It is worth noting that, although the site is linked to by various UK educational sites and newsletters, by the Poetry Society, by the Children’s Laureate’s site, and by the Times Educational Supplement site, there hasn’t been any significant press or international publicity for these recent developments at all. We hope that will come. But in the meantime, we can take pleasure in the fact that the interest we are attracting from teachers and others outside the UK is surely the result of their own browsing. They browse, in search. Materialising, we provide what they searching for.

Here is what one teacher (an Englishman teaching in China) wrote after he had learnt how far and wide these poems have travelled : “One of the things about these sets of poems is that it seems to be an important thing, at least to me, in an international setting, to know that the posters on my wall are also on walls around the world.”