The photographs of the South London readings were all taken by Pierre Bascle.

I would like to give credit here to my eldest son Joseph, who built this site, as well as that of the charity Hyphen-21, as well as that of my blog. For nearly twenty years he has given many hours to the work of this project and our working partnership brings me joy.

Scattered around the site are the names of the many people who to a significant degree have helped this project progress. I shall put all the names together here, but before doing so want to say that the project brings me into constant contact with a much larger number who actually receive the poem-packs. They provide feed-back, express appreciation, tell me of their own work. Some of their comments have been quoted on this site. That contact is also hugely helpful – it serves to encourage and it encourages humility.

The following people, then, have played a significant part in helping this project develop and flourish : Paul Murdoch, Chris Meade, Alison Combes, Gary Mckeone, David Hart, Malcolm Rigler, Debjani Chatterjee, Susan Elizabeth, Gillie Bolton, Andrew Motion, Stephen Watts, Abigail Cambell, Sue Stewart, Fiona Sampson, Denis Macshane, Nigel Crisp, Jane Riley, Barry Mussenden, Charles Beckett, David Morris. Hugh Hill, Diane Lightfoot, Nick McDowell.



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